by Toby

Summer is finally here, and with it comes the opportunity to relax, unwind, and indulge in the activities we love. For many, this might mean quality time with loved ones or binge-watching a
captivating new series. Lucky for you, CATCHPLAY+ is set to release their highly anticipated series, "Urban Horror" on July 12, 2024! Here are a few reasons why you should watch this upcoming series this summer!

1) An Impressive Ensemble Cast

What truly sets the series “Urban Horrors” apart from other films is its incredible cast of 78 members! Each member is an expert in their craft, making the talent on display simply awe-inspiring. From Brian Tseng and Ann Hsu to Austin Lin, Jesse Tang, Ivy Shao, Esther Liu, Meng-Po Fu and Pets Tseng, the list goes on! And let’s not forget the unmatched chemistry between the actors! Performers had the chance to interact and bond with one another, resulting in a strong connection that shines through in their on-screen chemistry. Furthermore, “Urban Horror” is created by the same acclaimed team behind the renowned drama “The World Between Us.” With this pedigree behind it, “Urban Horror” will certainly charm viewers with its blend of suspense, storytelling and virtuosic performances.

2) A Series of Ghost-Less Horror Stories

Next “Urban Horror” incorporates elements of horror and dread into everyday scenarios, making it relatable for common folk. For instance, one episode is centered around a man named  Peter (hilarious played by comedian Brian Tseng who finds himself celebrating his birthday in the seemingly mundane setting of his office. Yet, as Peter’s colleagues gather around him, presenting him a cake adorned with flickering candles, something sinister and incredibly unexpected occurs. Other episodes delve into the unnerving experience of being stalked, losing a child, going mentally insane and more. Not to mention, the haunting melodies instantly capture the attention of the audience, enveloping them in an atmosphere of suspense and dread. Who would have thought that simply taking a nightly stroll or hanging out with a friend could lead to such disastrous consequences?

3) A Brand New Short-form Series

Another unique element of this horror series is its new and inventive format. “Urban Horror” includes a thrilling collection of 34 episodes, each one a bite-sized short film approximately 5 minutes long. This format ensures that the audience is immediately immersed in the heart-pounding terror, leaving zero room for boredom. It’s like watching a social media reel that delivers a quick dose of horror, making it ideal for those seeking an action-packed experience without investing too much time in a single sitting. Additionally, each episode makes use of modern city settings, such as night clubs, office buildings, youth hostels, public transportation and other places where ghosts and supernatural beings are not normally found. Even with the distinctiveness of each film, some of the episodes are subtly interconnected, so keep your eyes peeled for any potential hints, clues and connections!

The first 4 episodes of “Urban Horror” will be available for all to watch and enjoy on July 12, 2024! From then on, one episode will be released each day on the CATCHPLAY+ website. These films are guaranteed to leave you both terrified and addicted to the series, and be warned, once you start the first episode, there may be no turning back from the horrors that await!

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