by Toby

In recent years, Indonesian cinema has obtained notable recognition and praise, such as in popular films like Impetigore, Dead Mine, and The Raid. Adding to this growing collection, CATCHPLAY has released their first original Indonesian production, Losmen Melati - a horror movie plus a series centered around a haunted hotel and the enthralling stories weaved within its walls. The movie sets the stage before the series kicks off – it's the prelude to the upcoming 7-part horror feast. So before diving into the series, we've put together a recap and review of the movie. This way, you'll be up to speed on what goes down before the series takes the spotlight.

Under the skillful direction of Mike Wiluan and Billy Christian, Losmen Melati artfully sets the stage with an eerie and captivating introduction. The film commences with an intrigued police officer who steps foot in the Melati Inn, aiming to unravel the rumors he heard about this hotel. As he ventures deeper, he's instantly intimidated by the moving paintings, the unnerving doll, and the ghost awaiting him at the end of the corridor. But before he has a chance to react, a woman known as Melati stabs him to death- immediately setting a foreboding tone that permeates throughout the rest of the movie.

The film consists of multiple flashbacks, including one of a mother, father, and son who stays at the Melati Inn to take shelter from the rain. They are compelled to have tea with Melati, and during their encounter, Melati exposes the mother's guilt for abandoning her own mother in a nursing home. As the narrative unfolds, tragic events unravel, culminating in the child being possessed and the mother leaping out the building window. Watching this portion of the film, I was shaken with terror, intensified further by the masterly use of dark lighting and booming sound effects.

Losmen Melati continues to entwine multiple narratives, offering glimpses into the hotel's past (dating back to the 1900s), people's fatal experiences in the Melati Inn, and Melati's own history. It recounts the tale of a doctor (superbly performed by Kiki Narendra) consumed by the desire to resurrect his deceased wife as a vindictive ghost, conducting tormenting tests on the deceased, including blood rituals, to pursue his dark experimentation. Though faced with countless challenges, this doctor continues to conduct these trials, notwithstanding the warnings from others, ultimately revealing why the hotel is plagued by supernatural forces.

The performances in Losmen Melati are nothing short of sensational. Led by a talented ensemble of actors, the cast delivers deeply genuine and emotionally charged performances. The plot is well-executed with remarkable depth, while surprises pervade throughout the film. Each scene leaves viewers, myself included, on the edge of their seats, craving for more.

For horror enthusiasts, Losmen Melati is an absolute must-watch. Don't miss out on this enthralling and engaging experience, and be prepared to be equally terrified and fascinated!

Losmen Melati The Series