by Jeffrey

One of the best sections of some magazine is often titled “Celebrities, they are just like us”. It is usually printed with images of big-name stars walking their dogs or buying groceries, without a touch of makeup on, maybe even unrecognisable from their on-screen characters. 

What is possibly even funnier, however, is seeing celebrities dressed in character but not playing their parts. The awkward gestures and priceless expressions make you take a double look and wonder, what the heck is happening on this set? Screaming, laughing, shock, over the top grins, and even licking, make these pictures worth more than a thousand words. Seeing behind-the-scene snapshots exposing celebrities as, in fact, just like us is a refreshing blast of humour. These 10 pictures are all a great reminder not to take life too seriously, no matter what the situation. 

Only girls understand our love-hate relationship with our besties, and Lucy Liu is no exception. We all have that friend who will rip your head off one minute and hug you the next, in her case this person is Uma Thurman.


Big timers, Bruce, aka Jaws, and his co-star Robert Shaw are spending their 15-minute break reminiscing of the times they were struggling actors hoping to break into stardom, so glad their ship has finally sailed. 


Millennials tend to think they invented the art of photobombing. This rare 1976 image caught during the filming of All the President’s Men shows Dustin Hoffman perfecting the photobombing of Robert Redford. It’s just as classic as the movie itself.


Who do you think got the raw end of the stick in this hilarious picture? Amrish Puri and George Lucas weren’t ready for a close-up while hanging out on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Celebrities are just like us. Even Anthony Hopkins makes New Year’s resolutions to combat cravings. But we all know that “one friend” who pushes fast food in our face, in his case literally.


Daniel Craig and Judi Dench take a load off their feet on the set of James Bond. They can’t believe that the director fell for that slippery banana peel trick, AGAIN! 


On the set of Star Wars, Luke, Leia, and Han Solo must have been told the camera wasn’t rolling after all. Take 17.


The Godfather Marlon Brando giving his “So, you say you want to date my daughter?” face.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet can rest easy in this elevator knowing that the Titanic film will take their careers straight up. 


Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman may be asking if they have anything in their teeth on the set of Leon the Professional.