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Director Hsu-Hu Tora Yuan greets Singaporean audience!


“I hope that through my film Blood of the Blue, people can be awoken to the love and care the ocean deserves.” 

A longtime underwater videography devotee, Taiwanese director Tora Yuan has orchestrated almost every ocean-related scene in local films, commercials and music videos. He endeavors to present the truth with imagery, such as the severe coral bleaching and pollution in the sea. “These are things that people living on land cannot see. That’s why I wanted to film them.” Blood of the Blue, with the premise of searching for dreams in the sea, explores the relationships between a father and his two sons, brotherhood, and between people and the sea. “This way people can appreciate the beauty and preciousness of the ocean. This is the least I can do for her,” says Tora.

Tora Yuan (center) with two leading actors, Jerry Ko (left), and Kai Cheng (right), who play brothers in this film

The film follows diver Yan Xian-Jun, who deeply believes in the captivating tale that more than three centuries ago his ancestor, the legendary Chinese pirate Yan Siqi, buried a large amount of treasure in the blue sea. Yan Xian-Jun has spent his whole life trying to find the mystified treasure, and trains his twin sons Dong-Jing (东经, meaning east longitude) and Bei-Wei (北纬, north latitude) to become experienced divers to find the treasure hidden in the ocean together. But the father and the sons, who used to have a close relationship, gradually change as they grow up and have serious differences about the definition of "treasure". What is the so-called "treasure" of the father? Will the sea that once linked these two brothers' feelings be able to make the East meets the North again?

Watch Blood of the Blue, a poignant love letter to our ocean and the sibling bond:   

Blood of the Blue