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US Box Office

1. Justice League

Finally, DC knocks Marvel off the Box Office iron throne with Justice League, coming in strong at USD130.8 million in its opening week. Taking a leaf from Marvel’s playbook, Justice League has gone a tad lighter, with even the stoic Batman (Ben Affleck) making jokes (Flash: What’s your superpower? Batman: I’m rich). With newcomers (and eye candy) like The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa), the ensemble movie didn’t let the switch of directors midway show. Wait, did you even realise they switched directors? Zack Snyder was originally at the helm, but Joss Whedon stepped into his shoes after Snyder tragically lost his daughter and had to leave the production.

  2. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and their company are not leaving without a fight. Now into its fourth week, Thor: Ragnarok is still going on strong, with USD105.5 million. Globally, the movie made a total over USD790 million, making it the seventh largest worldwide release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. Wonder

Coming in with a strong debut in third place is Wonder, with USD47.1 million. Based on a New York best seller, the drama tells the story of a boy who struggles in school because of his facial differences that makes him stand out from the crowd. Jacob Tremblay (Room, The Book of Henry) holds his ground alongside heavyweight Julia Roberts in this inspiring story that I suggest you bring a box of tissues to when watching.

Singapore Box Office

1. Thor: Ragnarok

It doesn’t look like Thor’s hammer is leaving the local Box Office throne anytime. This fortnight saw it reeling in USD886k in takings and no sign of slowing down. Some moviegoers love it so much they’ve seen it more than once. I don’t blame them, some jokes are even funnier the second time round, like whatever Korg says. Played by director Taika Waititi, the hulk of rocks with the gentle voice is just hilarious, especially his confusion as to what Thor’s hammer does.

2. My Little Pony

It’s official, the country has been taken over by little girls wearing sparkles and rainbow coloured frocks. The force of My Little Pony (MLP) is strong, actually a tad too overwhelming. It sits snugly in second place with USD123.8k. I recently saw a little girl that, after her MLP viewing, was sitting at Macdonalds displaying her range of (there were 6) My Little Pony dolls. She was using them to act out a scene from the movie while her parents stare at her, in silence, contemplating on getting their little girl a new interest, no doubt. 

3. Victoria and Abdul

A surprise entry to top three is the story about Queen Victoria striking up an unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk. Judi Dench may not be a hot young thing, but she’s heavy on substance, taking in USD82k with Victoria and Abdul. It’s nice to see that apart from hunky superheroes and shrilly ponies, that we indulge a little in history and culture once in a while.