Seriously Sarah
by Seriously Sarah

Rubbers (2014) is a movie produced in Singapore and directed by Yew Kwang Han. Having watched his earlier work, When Hainan Meets Teochew, I knew it was going to be hilarious since he has a flair for comedic scripting.

With the title ‘Rubbers’, it’s no wonder why it is rated R21 since it refers to the theme of condoms in the movie. The movie is really about three different stories about lust, love and seduction that climax on Valentine’s Day.

The theme song “A Condom in a Hole” blares through the opening of the movie, starting off with a bang. Alaric Tay is Adam, a single horny man who has his afternoon activity cut short because he doesn’t want to wear a condom while being with Eve (Gillian Tan).

Try not to have your speakers on too loud if you’re watching this movie without headphones, and do be warned that this is a R21 movie because the dialogue is too explicit for gentle company.

We move on from Adam’s problem of finding another afternoon hookup to see Ah Niu (Marcus Chin) with a young prostitute named “Virgin Forsale”. His story is more about his relationship with his wife, Ah Hua (Catherine Sng). An elderly couple, it’s interesting to see that they are still in a very intimate relationship. Interesting because our perception of older folks are that they are there for each other as companions, not as sexual partners. It’s refreshing to see them talk about ‘doing it’ like real people.

Older people do have needs too like younger ones but Ah Niu’s story is more touching than raunchy. Do expect some comedic elements involving an unexpected adult toy salesman.

Lastly, we have Yann Yann Yeo as Baoling, who has a conversation with a durian flavoured condom played by Chau Min Lee about expiry dates and not having any action especially on Valentine’s Day.

There is a talking durian flavoured condom in this story.

If I wanted to share about what Rubbers is, I might describe it as a sexy version of A Christmas Story, only that it happens on Valentine’s Day.

Adam would be the “Ghost of Christmas Future”, which is pretty much a tale of how he is in a dream/reality punishment because he does not like to wear condoms. Kawaii Momoko (Shu An Oon) is a Japanese adult actress that pops out of nowhere as his ‘ghost’ and conscience, guiding him to be less selfish.

Ah Niu would be the “Ghost of Christmas Past”, which is actually a story of his memories of being with Ah Hua and why he was actually with her and how they kept being together.

Lastly Baoling would be the “Ghost of Christmas Present”, a funny account of a talking durian condom lecturing her to stop being picky and have a boyfriend. It leads to a madcap seduction plan involving hot plumbers.

With cameos of other well-known actors like Kym Ng and social media influencers (if you can spot them, good for you!) this is a hilarious movie you won’t regret watching. And refreshing too, since it’s a local production.

Do keep watching until the end of the movie because the credits are well crafted and shows a possibility of what really happens in the end.


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