by Jeffrey

The social taboo of student-teacher romances has not only been a topic on national news, it's a popular theme in film as well. From an art teacher who falls head over heels with her apprentice and proceeds to have a passionate and sordid affair, to another helpless professor being tempted at every corner by his attractive and sexy student. All these are familiar plotlines that are used over and over again in Hollywood. But this weekend, we have 2 very unique films to spice up your relationship.

The Rewrite

The Rewrite is a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant as marginal scriptwriter-turned-teacher, Keith Michaels. Marisa Tomei plays his student, Bella Heathcote, who is a single mom and who directly gets his attention. This romantic comedy is filled with witticisms that put it high on the comedy scale. The plot shows how a semi-jerk can learn valuable lessons from real people and become a better man in the process. 

Larry Crowne

If you want a slower paced romance, Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks pull off a middle-aged teacher-student romance with class in Larry Crowne. Roberts plays community college speech teacher, Mercedes Tainot, an unhappily married woman who is tied to a relentless jerk. Hanks plays unemployed worker, Larry Crowne, who signs up to Tainot's speech course and thus their stories begin to intertwine. This teacher-student romance focuses attention on contemporary topics for middle-aged people, including unemployment and bad marriage breakups. We recommend it as a tantalizer for your own sultry weekend affair with a teacher.