Mara Jade
by Mara Jade

Have you been watching Dee's Talk? If you have caught one or two episodes, we recommend that you catch them all. If you have not seen any, it’s high time to get started, especially if you are Dee’s fan. Here are our favourite moments from the show.


Dee Reunites with ex-boyfriend Mickey Huang

It’s never easy to come face to face with your ex, especially if you are both public figures, but not for Dee Hsu. She doesn’t just meet him; she invited him to her show for some heart to heart. And the result is hilarious. She grills him on some tough questions such as who has a nicer body, Dee or his wife actress Summer Meng, and even goes as far as to gift him a giant signboard as a wedding gift, with a twist. She signed on the board with “from your ex-girlfriend”. She is cheeky and irreverent, and you can’t stop marvelling at her bravado.


Dee Attempts to Find a Guy for Her Mom

Dee enjoys a close relationship with her mother, so much so that she invited her onto her show. Understanding that her mother has been alone for a decade, Dee asked if she felt lonely and needed male companionship. Dee then proceeds to query her mom’s preference; would she choose a boring younger muscular guy or an older but humorous gentleman? Before her mother could decide, she proceeded to invite two guys fulfilling her afore-mentioned criteria and get them to complete a list of tasks for and with her mother. The process was hilarious, but Dee’s mom took everything in her stride.


Dee Is the Queen of Predictions

We all know that Dee speaks without filter and doesn’t hold back, which includes making predictions… that eventually come true! Actresses Alyssa Chia and Ann Hsu appeared on her show. For Ann, she grilled her about the handsome male co-stars that she has worked with and even boldly made a prediction about her marrying one of them, and it did happen. Alyssa married her Man in Love co-star Roy Chiu in December 2021, with Taiwanese host Pauline Lan Hsin Mei being the witness at their wedding. Dee also predicted that Alyssa’s performance in 2021’s The Falls was so good that she would win the Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards, and Alyssa did win it.


Did you know How Matilda Tao Meet her Husband?

Well, we do, courtesy of Dee’s Talk. And it was quite a hilarious one too, and it involves Pauline Lan “pushing” Matilda into a bedroom where Li Liren (Matilda’s eventual husband) was sleeping. Ever the helpful friend, Lan even supplied her with condoms!

Matilda also revealed on the show that her husband loves to cry and hilariously recounted a story of how the family sent her 15-year-old daughter Dou Dou to the United States to study. The family (Matilda, her husband and her son) flew there to help Dou Dou settle down. When they got ready to return to Taiwan, the realisation that they were going to leave Dou Dou behind was so immense that Matilda’s husband and son broke down in hysterics.


The Assistants that Light Up the Show

While Dee is undoubtedly the queen of her own show, her two assistants, David Hsu and especially Patrick, add to the show’s comedy. While David Hsu provides the eye candy, Patrick is the master court jester. In every episode, he never fails to create an impression. And the pair have dressed up as very memorable characters, such as Ken and Barbie, Taiwanese rockers (Patrick’s impersonation of Wu Bai is especially funny) and assistants at a Sauna.


Dee Reunites with her Kangsi Coming co-host, Kevin Tsai

Since Kangsi Coming debuted in 2004, it has evolved into one of the most successful talk shows in Taiwan and other Mandarin-speaking countries in Asia. Dee hosted the show with veteran Kevin Tsai, and the pair reunited on the last episode of Dee’s Talk. The couple picked up right where they left off. A staged photography session involving Dee’s two assistants was funny, with Patrick once again stealing the show in a scenario where he lovingly caresses a snail. You have to watch it for yourself.