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If you have seen any of Dee Hsu's (also known as Xiao S or Little S) show, you would know there are no ideas too wild, or topics too sensitive for her. “Dee’s Talk” is veteran Taiwanese television show host Dee Hsu’s first OTT program, and CATCHPLAY's original production.

For the first time, Dee is taking her show out of the studio and onto the streets of Taipei. Expect candid, no-holds barred conversations with 10 surprise celebrity guests, intimate stories that they'd never shared before, and Dee answering all sorts of burning questions from fans. 

The 10-part show is released exclusively on CATCHPLAY+ this Thursday on Dec 23, with new episodes updated every week.


As for why Dee chose CATCHPLAY to make her latest variety show, she said, "The style of my new show is very different from what I’ve done before. I feel that at this stage of life, it’s important to just be real, so there isn’t too much packaging to Dee’s Talk. I wanted it to be fast, fun, and unpretentious, and CATCHPLAY+ gave me a lot of freedom in creating the content that I wanted. It was a very enjoyable experience.” She added, “I want the audience to see me in the most authentic, bravest and rawest form. I hope that Dee’s talk can be both entertaining and therapeutic.”

First episode is available at 5pm, 23 Dec. First 48 hours FREE for every new episode!

Dee's Talk