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The cast and crew of the hit mystery thriller series, Departure, return for another investigation into a disaster shrouded in conspiracy. Starring Emmy winner Archie Panjabi once again alongside the late Christopher Plummer in his last on screen appearance, the story focuses on the deadly derailment of The Apollo, a state-of-the-art, fully automated high speed train. 

Departure S2 is available exclusively on CATCHPLAY+ on Oct. 26th. Before the show arrives, let's get into the synopsis and meet the old & new characters.


What is Season Two About?

Departure S2 is a six-part event series that follows the investigation into the derailment of an experimental high-speed train, The Apollo. The brilliant investigator, Kendra Malley (Archie Panjabi), is recruited to the US to find the cause of the devastation in rural Michigan. With the eyes of the entire world on her, Kendra and her team unravel a series of interconnected threads which lead to a number of mysterious motives. Was it the tech mogul inventor of the train’s automation software? Was it a mysterious member of a Mexican drug cartel? Was it a disgruntled employee resisting new technology? Working in conjunction with the FBI, Kendra must race to uncover the truth behind the crash and help to heal the damage caused by the terrible tragedy.


Season Two Key Characters

Archie Panjabi: ‘KENDRA MALLEY’

Kendra Malley is the world’s foremost expert on large scale transportation disasters. Recommended by her old mentor, she’s recruited to investigate the derailment of a state of the art, high-speed train (the Apollo) in rural Michigan after successfully solving the mystery of the terror attack on British Global Air Flight 716. Carrying the weight of her ex-mentor’s arrest for his role in the Global Air disaster, Kendra has to balance solving an extremely high-profile case with constant pressure from a local Gubernatorial candidate, pressure from the tech billionaire who invented the train, moving to a new country with a new set of co-workers at the US-based FTSA, a mysterious man who hides a dark past, and caring for a lonely child who’s lost his mother in the tragedy. The disappearance of a mysterious fugitive from the wreckage of the Apollo and two murders taking place the same night of the crash causes Kendra to dig deeper into the root causes leading up to the accident with shocking results. Luckily, Kendra never backs down from a challenge, and brings the case to a close with an unexpected resolution.

Archie made her film debut as tomboy, football-mad Meenah Khan in the critically acclaimed BAFTA winning black comedy East Is East. She then went on to play the feisty Pinky Bharma in the global hit Bend It Like Beckham alongside Keira Knightley. In 2009, Ridley Scott cast her as the iconic Kalinda Sharma in hit show The Good Wife and described her as “an unusual talent; She is so smart and sensitive an actress, she can make anything fly.” The following year Archie became the first ever Asian in history to win an Emmy for The Good Wife. Since the show, Archie has starred opposite Gillian Anderson in The Fall, TV hit Blindspot, and in the blockbuster disaster film San Andreas opposite Dwayne Johnson. She also starred in the Emmy-winning I Know This Much Is True opposite Mark Ruffalo, and in Vicky Jones’ comedy, Run, starring and co-executive produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.


Christopher Plummer: "HOWARD LAWSON"

Howard was a father figure to Kendra, and the biggest influence on her career. After having her former mentor arrested for his role in the BGA crash, relations between the two are non-existent. Kendra carries a great deal of disappointment and anger towards her ex-boss, and Howard feels shame and regret for letting her down. Even though Howard recommended Kendra to head up the extremely high-profile Apollo investigation, she’s not ready to forgive him. He misses their friendship, however, and periodically reaches out to her to see if he can assist in any way. He misses the work, but he misses their friendship more and hopes one day that Kendra can forgive him. Their friendship may never be the same, but maybe they can start to rebuild the trust they once shared.

Tony, Emmy and Oscar winner, legendary actor Christopher Plummer enjoyed at least 70 years as a force in the theatre and as a veteran of well over 100 films. Plummer delivered outstanding performancesas Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, Sherlock Holmes in Murder by Decree, the chilling villain in The Silent Partner, the iconoclastic Mike Wallace in The Insider, the empathetic psychiatrist in A Beautiful Mind, the kindly and clever mystery writer in Knives Out, and as Leo Tolstoy in The Last Station. It was this last role that finally brought him recognition from the Academy Awards, when he was nominated as Best Actor in a Supporting Role, one of three Academy Award nominations he received in the 2010s, along with All the Money in the World and Beginners; he won for the latter role. Departure season 2 was Plummer’s last on screen role.


Jason O'Mara: "MAX O’NEILL"

Max is a charming, educated, handsome man - who happens to have ties to members of the Matulona Mexican drug cartel. After escaping the US Marshal transporting him on the Apollo, Max’s path through the small town brings him into contact with a number of people who want him captured or killed. He reaches out to Kendra in a desperate attempt to tell his side of the story and hopes that she can help him get to safety. Forcing an unlikely friendship in highly trying circumstances, Max needs Kendra’s quick mind and the FTSA staff to help him to stay alive and try to correct the terrible fallout from his own dark past.

Jason O’Mara has had a long career in film, TV and the theater. His TV credits include The Man In The High Castle, Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Good Wife, and Life On Mars, for which the Irish actor received critical accolades for his performance. O’Mara has also appeared on some of TV’s best known series such as: Ballers, Closer, Vegas, and Grey’s Anatomy. In film, O’Mara won the IFTA for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Sergeant Jack Prendergast in The Siege Of Jadotville, starring opposite Jamie Dornan. His other film credits include Resident Evil: Extinction, Wakefield, starring alongside Bryan Cranston; and One For The Money. For his stage work, O'Mara was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Irish Theatre Awards for his portrayal of John in Bash. He has performed on some of London’s greatest stages, including The Royal Shakespeare Company, and appeared in Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming.


Kris Holden-Ried: "DOMINIC HAYES"

Dominic is Kendra’s most trusted ally and confidante. Dom is working in DC when he hears the news that his friend is heading up the investigation for the Apollo crash. Knowing Kendra needs a trustworthy colleague and emotional support, he goes up to Michigan to help in any way that he can. When he uncovers a key piece of evidence, he helps Kendra to unlock a new theory as to why the train derailed, and sets the team on a path that unlocks the key to solving the mystery. Dom is solid, dependable and carries a small flame for Kendra, but she’s too raw from her husband’s death to think about a new relationship. As well, they share a special friendship and neither Dom nor Kendra want to spoil it.

Holden-Ried’s career spans two decades and he has had the privilege of working with many of the industry’s greats. He portrayed William Compton the first season of The Tudors, and the male lead, Dyson, in Lost Girl. Holden-Ried also starred in the award-winning TV series Vikings, The Umbrella Academy, Taken, and Arrow. On the big screen, Holden-Ried is often recognized for his big screen portrayal of Quint Lane, the lead lycan, in Underworld: Awakening, and will soon be seen in Maternal, directed by Megan Follows.


Karen LeBlanc: "ELLEN HUNTER"

Hunter is a single-minded FBI agent with a clear mission – until she meets Kendra Malley. Bonded in their common circumstance of dealing with multiple murders during a large-scale transportation accident, Hunter’s training and intelligence lead her to immediately accept Kendra as an ally and confidante. She knows they have landed in a no-win situation and decides that blurring the jurisdictional lines can only help both of them. When Kendra starts helping with Ellen’s drug cartel case, Ellen reciprocates by going out of her way to assist Kendra’s crash investigation team. The two women form an unusual friendship during a terrible time and have the utmost respect for one another.

Beginning her career with a breakout performance in a lead role in the hit musical Rent, Karen LeBlanc has continued to wow audiences with her multifaceted talent ever since. From feature film to television, live music to voice work, Karen’s style and presence has helped shape a career that has brought her exceptional projects and sent her travelling the world. Karen’s film and television credits include lead roles on Ransom, Jack RyanInsomniaKilljoys as well as Frontier (with Jason Momoa), and guest starring on Jordan Peele’s Love Craft Country.

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