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Meow Meow Boss is Taiwan's first fantasy animal mini-series, in which Golden Horse-winning actor Ray Chang plays a strapping CEO whose real identity is Cat Demon Master who's lived for hundreds of years. He decided to stay in the secular world to protect a girl who once saved his life. Ray Chang, a cat lover himself who has four cats, knows all about the habits of his feline friends and would incorporate their behaviors into his performance. He said, "Cats have their own unique personalities, but they don't show too much emotion. So when I played Hao-Yang Lei, there were a few scenes where my character’ rhythm in movement and reaction was particularly interesting. I think people who have pets will relate to them. It’s the fun part of this show. In one scene, when Ray and Vera Yen’s characters are on a date, Ray told Vera to rub his chin, and he would mimick a cat's expression. This amusing little detail adds to the unique nature of their romance.

Meow Meow Boss follows Hao-Yang Lei, the Cat Demon Master who shapeshifted into human form to repay a girl, Ke-Qi Jiang. He takes Zi-Jie Shen (played by Richard Lee), a dog demon, with him to watch Ke-Qi Jiang grow up and protect her along the way. The two finally cross paths when Ke-Qi agrees to go on a blind date as her grandfather wish. But Ke-Qi Jiang has never been in love because she doesn’t trust men, and believes that only work never betrays her. However, being a hopeless cat lover, how will her encounter with Hao-Yang Lei unfold?

This 7-part mini-series is directed by Golden Bell Best Director Ray Jiang and written by Golden Bell winner Pei-Yu Lin. The first three episodes will premiere on July 17th, the same time as Taiwan, with two new episodes released every week. Watch it here:

Meow Meow Boss