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2021 Taiwanese drama Fluffy Love is the sixth mini-series by Studio76, starring Kent Tsai (The Teenage Psychic), Mandy Wei, Belle Hsin, and Richie Jen, who voices the chubby orange tabby Qi Qi. Told from the perspective of a cat, this show tells a series of light-hearted stories of the hilarious interactions and connections between pets and their masters. 


Deng Deng is a cat with an old school soul who often talks in wisdom in response to the happenings in life. When its master and animal communicator Lu has a crush on a beautiful veterinarian, Deng Deng decides to do everything it can to help him win the girl’s heart.

Fluffy Love



Deng Deng (male, age unknown), played by Qi Qi, the furry child of Youtubers FuFuKnows; voiced by Richie Jen

Despite Deng Deng’s cute appearance, this cat has the soul of a childish middle-aged man. He is candid and sometimes crude. He was a stray before he met his master, Lu. He never had any expectations for humans, until he crosses paths with animal communicator Lu and decides on Lu to be his lifelong slave. But Deng Deng discovers that Lu is so eager to talk to him all because he is going after a beautiful vet. The one thing Deng Deng is most curious about is cat porn.


Lu Jiun-Shiang (male, 26), played by Kent Tsai

Lu is kind, just, and values others’ feelings. He is also an animal communicator. To focus on facilitating communications between human masters and their furry kids, he quits his old job and becomes a full-time animal communicator. But Lu is not very confident when it comes to girls. His brain just shuts down in front of the person he likes. The reason he befriends Deng Deng at first is to learn about what the cat knows about Chen Yu-Ting, a vet who once treated Deng Deng and the girl of his dreams.


Chen Yu-Ting (female, 28), played by Mandy Wei

Ting has been an animal lover since she was a child, but her family could not keep any pets, so she worked in a pet store and spent a short period of time with Deng Deng. Later, Ting becomes a vet at an animal hospital. She loves to help others, often feeding stray animals and providing basic medical care for them on the streets. But Ting considers herself a loser relationship-wise. She was hurt deeply from her past relationship, when both parties were immature and not fully open to each other.


Fei-Fei (female, 26), played by Belle Hsin

Fei-Fei is a clerk at a pet life central store. She is patient, and always has a way with pets. Fei Fei and Lu have known each other for over 10 years, but this is perhaps the reason Lu never considers her a potential date. Never having the courage to express her feelings, Fei-Fei can only stay in his life as a friend.