by Lash

Deleted scenes are often cut for good reasons, such as they reveal too much, or they don’t add to the overall storyline of the movie, or that simply, the movie is way too long and needed some trimming.

However, some deleted scenes may be able to add more context to a certain character, shed more light on the movie’s overarching story or even fix a glaring plot hole.

Here are 6 deleted scenes that should have totally made it to their respective movies.

Crazy Rich Asians - Mother-son Conversation

Crazy Rich Asians

We all know Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh), Nick Young (Henry Golding)’s mother, initially had no fond feelings for Rachel (Constance Wu). She seemed a cool, aloof matriarch with her nose up in the air. But a deleted scene between her and Nick shows that Eleanor isn’t as elitist as we thought she was.

The mother-son conversation starts off with Eleanor telling Nick that he has to think about the family (as opposed to running off to marry Rachel), but Nick was sick and tired of always having to think about the family. Eleanor then revealed that the burden of the Young family doesn’t just lie within the family, but that many other families depend on them for sustainability of work. The scene adds a layer of depth to Eleanor and lets us see a different side of her. With this scene, instead of hating her, we understand why she did what she did.


X-Men First Class- Michael Fassbender Cross Dresses

In this scene, Eric Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) are on a recruiting mission for their new mutant strike force. They come across Angel (Zoe Kravitz), a young mutant and are keen on recruiting her. They also want to know how her dragon tattoos emerge to form real wings. But Angel isn’t so keen herself. She want Eric and Charles to show her their powers first. Eric uses his powers to levitate a champagne bucket, and when it's Charles’ turn, he makes Angel sees Eric in a very different light. The scene should have made it to the movie. It is completely hilarious to see Fassbender in drag.


Blade Runner- Origmai Ending

Blade Runner

When the movie ended, audiences weren’t quite sure what was happening when Deckard (Harrison Ford) found an origami unicorn that Gaff (Edward James Olmos) left him when he was escaping with Rachael (Sean Young). The mystery is finally solved when the deleted scene was revealed. This pivotal scene shows Deckard’s daydreaming of a unicorn, which strongly suggests that he is a replicant, and that Gaff actually knows his true identity, hence hinting with the origami. This should have totally made it into the original film!


Iron Man- How Did Tony Stark Get There So Fast?

In this first instalment, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) began as a playboy philanthropist building weapons for the military. He was at home in Malibu when he watched the news about potential terrorists. The next thing we know, he was in Afghanistan to stop the terrorist threat. How does he fly from California to the Middle East at such amazing speed? It wasn’t explained in the movie but in this deleted scene, we see why. He used a party with supermodels at his Dubai house as a cover for his trip to Afghanistan.


Aliens- The Grief of Ripley

At the beginning of this Alien sequel, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is rescued while in hypersleep after drifting in space for 57 years. When she wakes up, she is told her daughter had died when she was away. Ripley shrugs it off and takes on a new assignment that sends her right back to space. While in space, she finds Newt, a lost little girl and takes care of her like her own daughter. And a deleted scene shows Ripley breaking down, heartbroken over her daughter's death. The scene fleshes out her character, and gives us a better context of her protectiveness over Newt.


The Devil Wears Prada- Miranda Has A Heart

Isn’t it shocking to find out that the devil herself has a heart? Miranda Priestley (Meryl Streep) runs her magazine like a tight ship and behaves like the devil herself. Her assistant Andi (Anne Hathaway) tries to do everything she can to please her but doesn’t seem to catch a break, but why does she stay on?

In this deleted scene, it shows that the devil herself can be human too. Miranda smiles and thanks Andi for stepping in to avoid a scene caused by her rowdy husband. Including this in the movie would actually give better context to why Andi stayed for so long, that she even wanted to inform of a possible coup d’etat against her.