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The LEGO NINJAGO Movie is the third movie franchise from the popular Brick maker – LEGO. The movie takes you to the world of the Ninjago and their battles against the nemesis, Lord Garmadon (Justin Theroux). Like the Ninja stealth mode, this movie is packed with life lessons for both young and old that is worth repeated viewing.



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Life Lesson 1: Everyone Needs a Father Figure

I haven’t been a part of your life, how can I ruin it? – Lord Garmadon

In the movie, Master Wu (voiced over by Jackie Chan) played the role of the Ninjas’ teacher. With the absence of the Ninjas’ daddies from the scene, he took on the role of a father figure. In his own words, he is “an old, wise and handsome man”. As someone whom the Ninjas look up to, he imparts values and skills to the team. As a father figure, his encouragement is necessary to craft responsible Ninjas.

On the flip side, Lord Garmadon represents all that a father figure isn’t. Being absent from raising his own son, he had total disregard for his son’s feelings and growth progress. As a result, Lloyd (Dave Franco) grows up yearning for his father’s recognition.

A father figure is important in a child’s life.

Life Lesson 2: Dealing with Bullies

“Boo Lloyd” – Number One Hit

As the son of Garmadon living in Ninjago City, Lloyd’s daily life is full of bullying episodes. It is not easy for the 16-year old kid as he has to deal with people shunning him because his (absent) father is the evil Lord Garmadon who wishes to conquer Ninjago City. Instead of lashing out, Lloyd chooses to ignore the bullying, and goes one step further, to defend the city from his father’s clutches. 

The show acknowledges bullying amongst children and serves as a good talking point for parents to discuss with their little ones on the impact of bullying and how to deal with it.

Life Lesson 3: Discover Your Own Strength and Master It

Green is the colour of Life, it flows through all living things, connecting them all - Lloyd

Each Ninjago is bestowed with his or her own unique element.  Kai (Michael Peña) has fire, Jay has lightning, Cole (Fred Armisen) has Earth, Nya (Abbi Jacobson) has water, Zane (Zach Woods) has Ice and Lloyd has …. Green?

You need to discover your own strength and master it.  Even if you may think your strength is insignificant, it may be the strongest amongst all. Not giving it all away here, but guess who saves the day at the end of the movie?

Life Lesson 4: Be a Part of the Team

Are you ready to risk your life for Ninjago? – Master Wu

The evil Lord Garmadon is not defeated by one ninja but by the collective efforts of the team of Ninjas. No matter how good you are individually, you can only get better if you work as a team.

Life Lesson 5: Family Comes First

I am sorry when I said I wish you weren’t my father - Lloyd

Spoiler alert!

Blood is always thicker than water and Lloyd demonstrates this at the end of the show. Let just say all’s well that ends well!

Other than life lessons, expect a good 100 mins of delightful tribute to the LEGO Ninjago theme. With familiar Ninjago characters like Kai, Jay, Nya, Zane, Cole with their leader Lloyd and their teacher Master Wu, kids would resonate with these characters as soon as the movie starts. And the icing on the cake is Jackie Chan’s appearance in the show, not just as Mater Wu’s voice, but as a live-action character.

The battle scene where Garmadon introduces a menacing but cute beast, Meowthra, is one to watch. The destructions scenes are played out like how children would play with their LEGO. Parents would very much relate to this. 

Together with witty punchlines and light-hearted life lessons, The LEGO NINJAGO Movie would make a good popcorn movie to enjoy as a family on a weekend evening.


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