by Lash

She is the epitome of female perfection, blonde hair, blue eyes and that oh-so-perfect figure. When news surfaced that Amy Schumer was to play the perfect doll in a live-action movie, you know it’s not going to be a conventional tale about flawless Barbie. And it wasn’t. The movie is going to be about a Barbie who feels she doesn’t belong in the perfect plastic world of Barbieland and travels to the real world to find herself instead. Suddenly, the casting of the comedian doesn’t seem too odd anymore. Scheduling conflicts led to her departure and possibly stepping into her plastic shoes now is Anne Hathaway, which makes it an even better casting. Here are four reasons why.

1.      She’s not blonde or have blue eyes

If you’re going to pick someone that’s rebelling against the common stereotype like in this live-action version of Barbie, the last thing you’d want is to find someone who looks the same as Barbie. A brunette with brown eyes, Hathaway looks different from Barbie, and that’s the basis of her physical appeal.

2.      She’s shown her comedic chops

While Hathaway may not be a comedian like Schumer, she’s displayed great comedic timing in her roles. She made a name for herself with The Princess Diaries as the clumsy, loveable princess and shown her comedic chops. She followed that with The Devil Wears Prada, as tortured Editorial Assistant Andy Sachs with a dash of humour. As an imperfect Barbie, we can only expect more laughs from her.

3.      She’s proven she can act

You know you can expect a good show with Anne Hathaway in any role. She’s more than proven her acting ability; she earned critical acclaim for Rachel Getting Married, and received a Best Actress nomination at the 2008 Academy Awards. She established that she wasn’t a one-hit wonder by winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as the long-suffering Fantine in Les Miserables in 2012. From funny to forlorn, she’s got it all covered.

4.      She is not afraid to make fun of herself

With a role like rebel Barbie, you’d need someone who’s uninhibited to bring out the essence of the character, and Hathaway isn’t afraid to do that. She pokes fun of herself on talk-shows and interviews, and isn’t afraid to get down and “ugly” for roles. We are imagining this Barbie to be loud, opinionated, over-dramatic and funny, and a reserved actress would not be able to carry the role. But not Anne Hathaway. She’ll make the perfect Barbie.

Watch Anne Hathaway talk about her most embarassing moments on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: