by Jeffrey


The Oscars magic numbers in 2017 begin with 89. The 2017 Academy Awards ceremony will be the 89th time that the movie industry has honoured its works. That makes 1929 the second magic number of the Oscars. Since 1929, the numbers have been adding up to provide some bankable Oscar trivia if you happen to be both a betting person and someone who hangs out with other movie lovers. The great thing about wagering on Oscar trivia is that many of the numbers change over the years and those who don't keep pace stand to lose. 

So keep up to date with the Oscars’ latest magic numbers. 


Magic Number 3

As in Warren Beatty, George Clooney, and Matt Damon. In 2017, Matt Damon expanded one of the most exclusive clubs in Hollywood by one when he became just the third person to have been nominated as a writer, an actor and a producer with his nomination for producing Manchester by the Sea. 


Magic Number 4

There have been over 400 nominees for Best Director in Oscar history, but only four of them have been black. Prior to 2017, that number was three. Barry Jenkins became the filmmaker who eclipsed that total with his nomination for directing Moonlight. 


Magic Number 7

Before Fences built up Oscar buzz, only six people – all men – had ever been nominated in an acting category for producing a film that had also received a Best Picture nod. Though overlooked for directing Fences, Washington became lucky number seven to follow in the hyphenated footsteps of actor-producers Beatty, Costner, Eastwood, Pitt, DiCaprio and Cooper. (That’s Bradley, not Gary, Alice or D.B.) 


Magic Number 8

Rogue One became Star Wars movie number 8 in 2016. In 2017, it also became the eighth Star Wars film to snag an Oscar nomination. 


Magic Number 14

Fourteen remains the Oscars’ most magical number, representing the ultimate pinnacle of achievement recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. So far, no movie has ever received more than fourteen nominations and, until 2017, only two had ever attained that figure. La La Land joins All About Eve and Titanic in the heady atmosphere of the Oscars’ highest realm. 


Magic Number 20

In 2017, this figure became more than a mere magic number at the Oscars. This number took on political significance as Meryl Streep's performance in Florence Foster Jenkins extended her record number of acting nominations to twenty. In most worlds, such an achievement could only be read as the very definition of quality. In the world inside Donald Trump's head, however, the number twenty merely represents the number of times that Streep has been recognised as an overrated performer. 
And, possibly –

Magic Number 12

Which will set a new record for most Oscars won if La La Land can manage to dance its way past the current record of 11 shared by Ben-Hur, Titanic, and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.