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The highly-discussed Taiwanese crime drama "Not a Murder Story" has reached its much-anticipated conclusion. The final two episodes, brimming with suspenseful plot twists, have left audiences on the edge of their seats, prompting exclamations of astonishment and surprise. Director Chen-Nien Ko expressed her gratitude, saying, "Thank you to the audience for accompanying us during this time. I hope everyone can feel the sincerity of our storytelling. Each character might resemble a friend or even some part of yourself. I hope everyone can feel the depth and reflection of these characters."

Kuan-Ting Liu's portrayal of Tung, from his initial downfall to his tragic journey of being falsely accused, underscores the drama's unique narrative approach. Chen-Nien Ko believes the special aspect of the entire drama is that, "We let ordinary people start by making mistakes, and then they continue to make mistakes, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. When I was writing the characters, I didn't treat any of them as mere tools. Each person has desires, may make mistakes, and has things they want to hide. But in this process, it actually brings about reconciliation or enlightenment, which I truly feel is love."

The audiences are curious about which scene was the most challenging for the actors. Sara Yu revealed that many of her first experiences were dedicated to this show. Apart from practicing the skill of slicing apples in one go, she also gave her first on-screen kiss. "I remember feeling so nervous on the day of shooting that I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my body. Even the sound of my heartbeat was so loud that the microphone had to be relocated several times. After the cut, the whole crew applauded and cheered for me. It was really a very challenging and significant scene for me."

Other members of the cast also shared their feelings of the shoot, as well as their thoughts on bidding farewell to their characters. Kuan-Ting Liu confessed that this was the most challenging performance in his acting career, so he particularly wanted to say to Tung, the character he portrayed: "If given another chance, I hope you won't forget the people around you while chasing your dreams." Gingle Wang expressed her gratitude for being able to meet the director's creation of Lu in 2022. She hopes that audiences, while watching the series, will see not only suspense but also various forms of love. Sara Yu, who plays teacher Huang, said, "If it weren't for Huang's selflessness and bravery, I probably wouldn't have known that I could let go of everything to challenge myself this way. This role pushed me out of my comfort zone and pushed my limits."

The complete season of Not a Murder Story is now on CATCHPLAY+. The story revolves around Tung (played by Kuan-Ting Liu), a perennial stand-in, who, after a passionate night with his neighbor, flight attendant Lin Meng (played by Sonia Sui), discovers her lifeless body. Besides hiding it from his girlfriend Lu (played by Gingle Wang), Tung has to conceal the truth of what happened at the scene. As he attempts to uncover the real culprit hidden in the apartment, he unwittingly unearths one secret after another.

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