by Jeffrey

The Promise, directed by Terry George (Hotel Rwanda), will be making its world premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival under the Galas section.

In this epic period romance, Oscar Isaac stars as Michael, a lowly Armenian apothecary who leaves his village to study medicine in cosmopolitan Constantinople, in the last days of the Ottoman Empire. Christian Bale co-stars as Chris, an American photojournalist who arrives in the country and gets involved in a relationship with Ana (Charlotte Le Bon, The Walk), a beautiful Armenian artist. When Michael meets Ana, sparks of deep attraction grows into a romantic rivalry between Chris and Michael.

An American photojournalist (Christian Bale) gets involved in a relationship with Ana (Charlotte Le Bon).

Early 20th Century was a dark and troubled time for Europe. When the Turks and Germans formed allies, the Ottoman Empire reacted violently against its own ethnic minorities, culminating in the government’s systematic extermination of 1.5 million Ottoman-Armenian citizens. Director Terry George is no stranger to such historical tragedies, as several of his acclaimed works focus on nations with severe inner conflicts, including Ireland, his homeland.

Terry George co-wrote the screenplay with Robin Swicord (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Memoirs of a Geisha). George was nominated for two Oscars for his screenplays (In the Name of the Father, Hotel Rwanda) and won Best Live Action Short Film for The Shore.

The Promise also features veteran actors James Cromwell (Babe, The Green Mile) and Jean Reno (Leon, Mission: Impossible). Currently in post-production, the film was shot in Portugal and the Canary Islands.