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Two of Hollywood’s biggest superstars. The biggest love story of a generation.

Passengers is an upcoming American sci-fi film starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

A luxury interstellar spaceship embarks on a 120-year voyage towards a distant colony planet, Homestead II. Starship Avalon holds 5,259 people traveling in suspended animation in hibernation pods. Two sleep chambers open prematurely, letting out passengers Jim Preston (Pratt) and Aurora Dunn (Lawrence). Alone in outer space, aboard a massive ship that is their playground, the two awakened souls begin to fall in love. Soon it becomes apparent that the ship is malfunctioning. Still 90 years from their destination, and the entire population is in danger of fading into oblivion.

Featured on the 2007 Blacklist, a list of Hollywood's "most admired" screenplays not yet produced, the script is by Jon Spaihts, known for Prometheus.

Passengers” directed by Morten Tyldum, hits theaters Dec. 21.

Director Morten Tyldum, known for the international success ‘The Imitation Game,' confesses that it's a really captivating story which you are bound to fall in love with. The script is smart, funny, clever, a page-turner that you just can't put down. Every ten pages, something new happens. Passengers is all about what it means to be truly happy and what it takes to live a full life. He adds that it's a very intimate movie told on an epic scale, and that he simply had to make what he believes will be the love story of a generation.

As for casting two of the biggest, most likable Hollywood stars, he simply couldn't ask for more. Chris and Jen couldn't be any better- they have great chemistry and bring charm, intelligence, and charisma to their roles. Tyldum reveals that the hard-working tandem can go from dramatic to extremely funny in a moment, something that is phenomenal to watch.

Did you know?

Reese Witherspoon, Emily Blunt and Rachel McAdams were involved in the project at different times, all being cast as the lead female role but dropping out during the development stages. Keanu Reeves, co-founder of Company Films where the story and screenplay was developed, was previously lined up to star as lead male role but dropped out too.

The leads each had their own thoughts and anxieties on the sex scene:

Pratt, married to Anna Faris in real-life, felt as part of his job and the big responsibilities that come with it, that he had to make his leading lady feel at ease. 

Lawrence says that it was just nerve-racking for so many reasons, atop the fact that she was filming her very first love scene with a married man. At this most vulnerable time, She had the worst feeling in her stomach she's ever had on the big screen.

Columbia Pictures is set to release the film 'Passengers' on December 21. Prepare to laugh, cry, hold your breath, and find yourself at the edge of your seat!