by N.Farhanah

Even when BTS is now on an extended break, they have never stopped to feed an ARMY of hungry souls.

Big Hit released Bring the Soul movie on 7 Aug 2019 and it has trended worldwide ever since. The movie is now premiering in Singapore with limited screening, yay!

We caught the show when it first premiered and it is definitely one of the best movies in 2019. Be prepared to walk away from the theatre with a whole lot of love for BTS, even if you are a non-ARMY.


1. BTS of BTS

In 2018, they embarked on the Love Yourself World Tour, rocking the halls and breaking records. Tickets were sold within minutes and ARMY all over the world were brought together. Lucky us, we got to watch exclusive scenes that none of the BTS variety show or Bangtan Bomb releases. The scenes tugged at our heartstrings when we saw how they give 120% of themselves even though their thighs may be burning and they are not in their best condition. ARMY will always view their performance as "out of this world" but BTS is always working hard to give better performances. Come on boys, just you standing is already so perfect in our eyes.


2. How tight knit the members are

Each of the members have their own struggles but, they are always there for each other. They give the best support for each other and when the going gets tough, they depend on each other a lot. The bond that they have is really indescribable and they are each other’s biggest supporter. They look at each other with so much love, especially when they are rehearsing on their solo stages. There were absolutely no blaming game going on when they injured themselves or when they couldn’t perform. How the members looked at Jungkook when he injured himself is a scene that I will remember for life. It is no wonder they rose up to become international stars. And we even have the “World Wide Handsome” Jin.


3.  How their passion and love inspires us

This movie shows how passion can bring us far. Each and every one of them is burning with passion and even when their body tires them out, passion and love for ARMY defeats it all. They also taught us how self love is the most important in this modern age, and helped ARMY who were going through the darkest days of their lives. BTS may not be physically present in front of us, but their music, their work, live within us every single day. And for that, ARMY is very thankful for BTS’s presence and BTS Is thankful for ARMY too.


4. Quotes from V

V  is well known for his artistic side and he came across this quote that is probably my number one favourite. Not because V repeatedly uses it, but it’s also because it’s one of the quotes that relate well to our love for BTS.

“I love you more than yesterday but lesser than tomorrow.”

The movie shows that the relation between BTS and ARMY is very beautiful. It is a journey full of love and respect. It shows how passionate ARMY are in showing their support for BTS every time they jump on the stage. The scene where ARMY continued singing for V when he couldn’t, was truly moving and beautiful. And for that, our love for BTS never ends.

All in all, the movie is 100/100 that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Now that I have shared with you 4 reasons why you need to watch the movie, quickly grab your phone and book the earliest available ticket!  Enjoy!