by Lash

The first The Purge movie in 2013 was a refreshing, uninhibited movie about forsaking morals for one day and basically just do whatever you want, without suffering the consequences of the justice system that binds us in a civilised society.

Before we know it, there’s no stopping a series from happening. This year, we’re into the fourth Purge movie, The First Purge, which is a prequel of the first The Purge movie. This movie will actually explain how the whole “Purge” process came about.

Beyond that, there is also a TV series called The Purge, set to debut this year as well. The series will also centre on how the whole Purge idea came about.

Before we catch The First Purge on the big screen, let’s relook at the previous three movies.

The Purge (2013)

The Purge

In this first movie of a dystopian world, the practice of the annual “Purge” has been ongoing for a while. In fact, Ethan Hawke’s character in the movie has a thriving career thanks to the Purge practice. The company that he works for install security measures around the house of those who can afford it. This means on this one night every year, the rich are able to barricade themselves at home, until the 12-hour “killing spree” ends.

But on this one night, he and his family find themselves dealing with issues that will threaten them as a family and that makes you question, for the first time, what if we live without the restraints of morality for just one day? What would happen? It also makes us question our own actions. We may think we are righteous, empathetic human beings, but what if that’s not how others see us and are bent on teaching us a lesson on Purge night?

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

While the first film is set in one house, the sequel brings us to Los Angeles on that one chaotic night, showing the rampant disorder enveloping the city. This time around, the story doesn't just zoom in on one family but showcases three different scenarios that somehow are intertwined. 

Like in one case, someone joined the Purge to get paid handsomely by hurting a person, or a couple who had car trouble and were surrounded by Purge participants. The Purge has evolved into a situation where people are not killing for vengeance, but for fun.

The Purge: Election Year (2016)

A young girl who was a victim of The Purge grew up with an aspiration to stop this tradition. Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), the girl, becomes a US senator and is running for Presidency. However, the current powers in charge view her as a serious threat and decide to eliminate her on Purge night. In this third movie, it shows how The Purge practice changes people. They no longer are seeking revenge on those who wronged or did injustice to them, they are now addicted to killing.

It also shows how people are really not what they seem. While they may be decent and nice on normal days, the day of the Purge is when they really show their true colours. And that is scary.

The basis of the appeal of the Purge movies lies in that we can live vicariously through the characters in the movies and not feel any remorse. At some point in time our lives, we're pretty sure there are some people that we wouldn't mind getting rid of on a night like A Purge night, don't you think?