by Jeffrey

Transformers: The Last Knight was rolled out by Paramount Pictures and Hasbro in June. The summer blockbuster has lived up to the title's legacy and Michael Bay's eye candy, explosive, adrenaline-pumping sci-fi thrillers.

The director once said he makes movies for teenage boys. Transformers series revolve on a boy with the coolest car you can only imagine. To no surprise, the films turned out to be blockbusters that grown ups, men and women alike, wouldn't want to miss.

Transformers: The Last Knight

The gigantic robots arise tall and mighty with an Autobot's pride to international audiences. The Last Knight's foreign footprint is uncontested upon ranking as the tenth highest grossing film of 2017. Viewers world over have come to appreciate the art in Bay's outrageous approach that you'll certainly have a hard time hating it!

As Bay's last Transformers movie, The Last Knight rounds up to be the biggest and boldest yet.

Staggering Budget

The mega-budget film banked on some serious amount of $217 million for production, the biggest budget of all the Transformers movies. That should give you an idea on what to expect from the final chapter.

Stellar Cast

Great actors reprising their roles and new cast additions really pulled it off, with some solid laughs to keep you entertained. The Last Knight presents standout performances from mechanic-inventor Mark Wahlberg (Cade) and love interest Laura Haddock (Vivian), young orphan Izabella played by Isabela Moner, elevated by Anthony Hopkins' grand-theatre appeal. Yes, even Sir Hopkins is in a Transformers movie.

Stunning visual effects

Only Michael Bay can render gorgeously huge CGI Transformers, whether engaged in mind-blowing and breath-taking battles, or in smooth human interactions. Add in the brilliant effects and endless action scenes taking place across peculiar places and tracing back various eras in time. Not bad at all!

Special filming Location

How many movies do you know are shot at 10 Downing Street? None? Well, now you know one. There are some scenes of Hopkins’ character, Sir Edmund Burton, sneaking through a hidden door to visit the British Prime Minister, and yes, those scenes were actually filmed in the British Prime Minister’s Office.

Shutting Down Freeways

Only Bay has the ability to do outrageous things, like shutting down a freeway for a shoot, not for one, or two, but five whole days. A portion of a freeway in Arizona was the chosen location, it was closed for a five-day shoot in mid-June 2016.

Honestly, can you resist seeing Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and all the giant bots? Or maybe more creatures you never knew existed in the Transformers realm? It's about time you unravel the truth about the Unicron you've known from comics or cartoons you've watched as a kid. Transformers: The Last Knight more than meets the eye. You be the judge. Grab some popcorn, turn up the surround sounds, and prepare for an immersive experience!