by Leona

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger 

You can see similarities between them in the 1999 film Ten Things I Hate About YouJoseph Gordon-Levitt looked like a younger, scrawnier version of the strapping Heath Ledger. Gordon-Levitt started acting at a young age, and became a familiar name playing Tommy Solomon, an alien disguised as a teenage kid in the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun. He went on to enjoy several movie roles before taking an acting hiatus to study. The acting bug became too strong to ignore, Gordon-Levitt dropped out of Columbia University to pursue acting. He sought out roles that offer diversity; a particularly memorable movie he made was 500 days of Summer opposite Zooey Deschanel, where he was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Actor. Apart from acting, Gordon-Levitt founded an online production company called hitRECord in 2004 and has also ventured into directing. Ledger hails from Australia’s Perth, and his love for acting was inspired by his actress sister. Upon graduation, he landed bit parts in a few Australian television series before packing his bags for Hollywood. His first US movie was Ten Things I Hate About You, making him a teen heartthrob. It wasn’t until Brokeback Mountain that he shed his heartthrob status and was regarded as a serious actor. His role as the Joker in The Dark Knight was much talked about even before the movie’s release. His portrayal of the maniacal villain was a stark contrast to the Jack Nicholson’s comedic version. Sadly, he did not live to see the movie’s release and the buzz surrounding his deeply disturbed Joker. He won an Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and AFI award posthumously for the role. Ledger was found dead on 22 January, 2008 of drug overdose. 


Evan Rachel Wood and Alexandra Breckenridge

They’re both blonde and have this fragile quality to their looks. Evan Rachel Wood was a child actress actively working in a string of TV series and earned her breakthrough role in the movie Thirteen, where she played a teen spiralling into despair on sex, drugs and crime. She was nominated for both Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress for that. What made her famous though was not for any role, but as partner to controversial musician Marilyn Manson, when she was just 19. It was a tumultuous relationship that overshadowed her acting career. After her split with Manson, Wood concentrated on her acting and appeared in a string of movies and TV series. Today, she is best known for her role as Dolores Abernathy in the HBO series Westworld, as the oldest robotic host in a western-themed futuristic theme park, where she earned a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination. On the other hand, Alexandra Breckenridge enjoys far lesser success than her famous doppelganger. So far, Breckenridge has gotten mostly guest-starring roles or recurring roles in TV series, like Dirt, True Blood, American Horror Story, and most recently, The Walking Dead. Breckenridge is also known for her voice-acting. She appeared in American Dad as a voice actor for multiple roles and is known to do impressions of Sarah Jessica Parker and Renée Zellweger. Wood and Breckenridge have both appeared in True Blood, although not in scenes together. 


Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon

They were both in The Departed, although they played roles on opposite sides of the law. Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg have been mistaken for each other so often that the co-stars actually have a pact- whenever fans mistake one for another, they won’t correct them. Damon confessed that on occasions, he’s even forged Wahlberg’s autograph. Mark Wahlberg started out as a member of his brother’s group, New Kids on the Block, but dropped out just after three months, paving the way for replacement Joey McIntyre. He formed his own group, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, and went on to have a few hits like Good Vibrations and Wildside. He ventured into movies in the 90s and had since amassed quite a repertoire of roles under his belt. He’s now best known as Ted’s thunder buddy. Damon dropped out of Harvard to concentrate on his film career. After small roles in various movies, he and best bud Ben Affleck hit Oscar gold with Good Will Hunting. It was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won two, for Best Original Screenplay (which Damon wrote with Affleck) and Best Supporting Actor for the late Robin Williams. Since then, Damon starred in one big production after another. Before Damon became part of the ensemble cast for Ocean’s Eleven as Linus Caldwell, Wahlberg was actually offered the role. Damon is now most associated with The Bourne franchise as Jason Bourne.


Mark Wahlberg Gets Mistaken For Matt Damon