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Step aside 007, because Taron Egerton is resurrecting the British spy who is giving everyone a run for their money. He is once again playing an up and coming spy game hero, Eggsy, in Kingsman: The Golden Circle
A Big Name Cast To Dwarf The Original Movie 

Eggsy will be surrounded by a star-studded cast of new characters as the Kingsman sequel takes him across the pond to the United States. Once there, our heroic spy meets the U.S. version of this noble group with their own covert ops abroad. The list of names includes Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, and Channing Tatum, all being members of the Kingsman in the USA, otherwise known as the Statesman. 
Returning Favourite Living Agents And Dead Men

After his untimely death at the hands of Samuel L. Jackson as Valentine, Harry Hart is back from the dead. Colin Firth returns as this favourite character with new wardrobe choices and a bonny eye-patch too. Also along for the ride is actor Mark Strong returning as Eggsy's wiser mentor, Merlin, plus fellow Kingsman agents Edward Holcroft and Sophie Cookson. Guest appearances also include Julianne Moore as the villainess Poppy, and a cameo by Elton John
A Sequel That Outdoes The First Kingsman


Egerton got talking about this new Kingsman sequel and divulged his excitement for The Golden Circle. He stated that it is really doubling down on all the ways that worked so well in the original flick, so we can all expect more action, more guns, and more spy gear. Except that it will all be grander and more high-tech in scale. In other words, more of the first film magic, but even better and more daring. This is a sequel to be reckoned with. 


Freebird Church Fight Scene From The First Film
Check out the video below for a refresher course on how badass the Kingsman franchise is.


One question comes to mind with the promise of a grander sequel: How in the hell can the film outdo a worldwide plot to carry out an evil killing spree? No spoilers yet, but it is safe to say Matthew Vaughn, who tends to avoid doing sequels, might hold part of the answer. 

“I didn’t know if I wanted to direct this or not. I was worried about the villain. Spy films are only as good as their villains. Then one morning I woke up with the whole storyline in place, and a new villain plot.”

Fans of the original movie are sure to go wild as the Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens in theatres on 28 September.

Did You Know?

Kingsman's Sequel Expected to Feature a Deleted Scene from the Original 

While it's not clear what the scene will be, we can take a guess: It's going to be with Elton John, whose first film appearance didn't make it through to the final cut. Now that we know The Golden Circle, the Kingsman Sequel, includes him, it does make sense to use his previously deleted scene, doesn't it?