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What better time than now to watch the hilarious Golden Chicken trilogy!

The franchise stars the bankable Sandra Ng, who plays the role of Ah Kam as a simple and kind-hearted prostitute-turned-mama-san. She makes her living not by her looks but by doing Jackie Chan impressions and being the butt of jokes. Ng snagged the Best Actress award at the 40th Annual Golden Horse Awards for her portrayal of Ah Kam. 


Golden Chicken (Mandarin)

In the first of the series, Golden Chicken, the story shows Ah Kam being locked up in a cash machine with a thief, played by Eric Tsang. The movie also incorporates major events in Hong Kong: the two stock market crashes, the Tiananmen Square protests and the handover of Hong Kong back to China.



Golden Chicken 2 (Mandarin)

Golden Chicken 2 fast forwards to 2046, and thanks to advancements in plastic surgery, Ah Kam looks exceptionally good. Again, putting on her counselling hat, she walks a despondent chap, played by Chapman To, through life lessons as he is about to swallow some memory-forgetting pills to ease his pain. In this sequel, Ah Kam also talks about her decade-long relationship with her cousin, Quincy (played by Jacky Cheung). While nothing came of their romance at the time, he comes back 10 years later to ask for her hand. Why? Check out the movie! The sequel also has some big names like Leon Lai and Angelica Lee.


Golden Chicken S (Mandarin)

Of the trilogy, Golden Chicken S is THE MOVIE to watch during this Chinese New Year for its entertainment factor! Sandra Ng had to wear a pair of 38G breast prostheses for the role. When she pranked Louis Koo by showing him the breasts, he turned red and scolded her for the lewd photo!

A special effects artist was engaged to make the fake breasts, and Ng had to endure three hours of sitting up straight while the prostheses were being fitted. She could not even lie down or they could have ended up looking weird. Peter Chan, her husband, asked her to consider keeping the fake breasts after visiting her on set! But Ng had nothing good to say about their itchiness or weight during the shoot. 


Besides a hefty chest, Ng was also made to eat lots of turkey during the shooting of the trailer with Ronald Cheng. As there was no proper dialogue, both actors tickled themselves mad with nonsensical muttering, which had them laughing endlessly. They also had to eat turkey legs again and again, though luckily they tasted good. 

Celebrate the Rooster Year with the Stars!

Ng has this to say about being a comedian,

Comedy needs a lot of energy and layers to the performance. I often tell myself that those who can do comedy can definitely do drama but those who can do drama might not be able to do comedy

She definitely needs no awards to prove her prowess as an actress!