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by a serious man

As exciting, new trailers for summer 2017 begin playing, movie buffs know that it means the closing of this film year. But the year is not over yet. It’s time to microwave a bag of popcorn, get your favourite box of candy, along with a nice cold drink, all ready for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you have each of these movies checked off the list before going on to the 2017 hits.


Pete's Dragon

"Pete's Dragon" conjures the primordial power of fantasy itself – New Yorker

Proving that Disney continues to produce instant family classics, Pete's Dragon perfectly combines innocence with love and enchantment. Secrets are released in a harmonious manner as Oakes Fegley impeccably portrays the role of an orphaned boy named Pete, who is anything but alone. Gather the whole family for this warm, heart-felt adventure. 



Eastwood renders the well-documented event and astonishing outcome as tense and immediate. - CineVue

Warner Bros. Pictures shook up the big screen as Tom Hanks soared in the role of Captain Sully, an experienced pilot who was forced to take immediate action in a plane crash. Watch in horror as Sully works against all odds in an attempt to save as many passengers as possible. Is the end of the crash the end of the story? No, it’s just the beginning. Watch to find out what else may come crashing down.


The Neon Demon 

A bold visionary artist, Refn seems able to revel in the culture of instant gratification while also subjecting it to critique. - Philadelphia Inquirer

Elle Fanning stars in this twisted peek into the dark world of modelling horrors. At the impressionable age of 16, Jesse (Fanning) moves to L.A. to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. Beauty and backstabbing are a part of this twisted game some call life. An appealing cast, human lust, and demon desires are coloured in ways you’ve never seen before.


War Dogs

A diverting but by no means indispensable expose of the international arms black market. - ReelViews

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller team up for one of this year’s best comedy and action films. Based on a true story, an unreal web of chaos is told from the perspective of the two main characters who have lived through it. Death defying moments, pieced together by laughs and loads of money, keep your attention from start to finish.


Eddie the Eagle

It is a rare biopic of any kind, let alone a sports bio, that merely celebrates participation. It's that novelty that makes this simple comedy shine. – Globe and Mail

Inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle is everything you need to make the new year fly. Comedy, inspiration and unbelievable personal drive are the elements that make this such a feel-good film. Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken convey truly powerful messages in their performances. Need a reminder of the power of belief? This movie is for you. 


Hardcore Henry

If action movies are meant to be stunning, Hardcore Henry can proudly take its place among the giants. Even better, it lets you stand with them. – Time Out

As the title suggests, Hardcore Henry shows unthinkable power and action. Fears for the future from dabbling in scientific experiment are unveiled in a terrifying way. Ilya Naishuller stars as Henry, a man who has been resurrected by technology, and Haley Bennett stars as Estelle, a woman who calls herself his wife. If you’ve ever wondered about the possible outcomes of superhuman characteristics, Hardcore Henry is your ticket. 


Mr Church 

Murphy is a revelation. – Hollywood Reporter

This may be Eddie Murphy’s most unforgettable and touching performance. He plays Mr Church, a man who gives everything for a family that needs it most. Love and family are the themes here. The messages come across so clearly as we watch tragedy and triumph unfold in such a sentimental way. Beautiful jazz music, plenty of food and enough warmth to light up the whole family are guaranteed by Mr Church



Once you settle into Keanu, it works. And in many ways, it's of a piece with everything else Key and Peele have done. – Time Magazine

In their first feature film, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are everything you hope for in dynamic actors. A cute kitten, Keanu, is the beginning of all their problems. This is not your typical heartfelt, pet-loving movie; this is a crude comedy with plenty of gangster references and an adventure only these two actors can take you on. 


The Wailing 

The Wailing is the hard stuff. Handle with care. – New York Times

A South Korean horror thriller with frightening elements beyond your imagination. Illness plagues a quiet village after a stranger visits. Throughout the entire film, mysterious pieces continuously come together, and closing your eyes for even a second may be detrimental to the unravelling of this nightmare. If you can stomach gruesome gore and heart pounding scenes, you will appreciate The Wailing


Kubo and the Two Strings

More often than not it's a charming, Eastern-influenced myth that's beautiful to watch and enjoyable to follow. – Dallas Morning News
Released just four months ago, Kubo and the Two Strings is a must see for a movie night with all the family. The animation is parallel to the epic experience Kubo takes you on. Art Parkinson, Charlize Theron and Matthew McConaughey deliver flawless doorways into lives of magic and mystery. This film is certainly an original, one-of-a-kind piece that has already received rave reviews.