by Jeffrey

The end of the year brings peeks into what 2017 could offer in movie entertainment. As more moviegoers fill cinema seats, filmmakers have lit up the big screens with first-look trailers of several upcoming hits set to premier in the spring and summer. Crowds can’t help but be captivated by the heavy hitting promise of future entertainment. Here are five of the latest trailers that debuted in the past week:

Transformers: The Last Knight 
Anthony Hopkins has joined the new Michael Bay film as narrator, providing a cool voiceover as he arouses viewers' curiosity. Michael Bay’s 3D, action-packed sci-fi is based around the Transformers toy line. A deep, dark storyline matches the brutal undertakings of the main characters. The reality of time and space are literally blown to shreds in this glimpse of what’s to be expected in June 2017.

An Evil Optimus Prime 
Something isn't right in the world of the Autobots. The new trailer for the latest film in the Transformers series, The Last Knight, features Optimus turning on his heel and asking for forgiveness before he readies his weapon against Autobot Bumblebee, while Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) yells in the doomed robot's defence. 


Mark your calendars for May 26th when the cult classic, Baywatch, is refreshed and updated for modern times. The star-studded cast, including the physiques of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, is as you’ve never seen them before. Jaw-dropping laughs are brought to you from the director of Horrible Bosses, who knows exactly how to blend a highly attractive group of actors with awkward comedy and memorable punch lines. 

Zac Efron Bulks Up for His Latest Appearance 
Zac hit the gym hard so that he wouldn't seem tiny next to his co-star The Rock. A glimpse of his ripped body shows that he has succeeded with flying colours. Zac transformed himself into a serious bodybuilder in preparation for his latest role. He even went so far as to not drink water for 12 hours before filming, which is an old bodybuilding secret for looking as toned as possible. 

War for the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes reboots never fail to stand out among typically dull summer movies, and the third entry is of no exception. 20th Century Fox and director Matt Reeves bring us this rendition of the Planet of the Apes with war as the keyword. Darkness, revenge, and savage destruction are taken to the next level in this future summer hit. The graphics are stunning enough to get you straight out of your seat as a fierce battle rage between men and apes. Who will be the last one standing? Find out on July 14th.

The Apes Keep Evolving 
Two years after Caesar bid goodbye to Malcolm in the last instalment, they have been working on becoming more human-like in their behaviour and speech. The language of humans is now Caesar's primary means of communication. 


Spiderman: Homecoming 
July 7th, 2017 will bring a Spider-Man we’ve never seen before. Tom Holland (The Impossible), who is best known for his unforgettable performance in Captain America: Civil War, is a perfect fit for comedy, action, and a tight-fitting suit. The storyline is dotted with adults and teenagers caught entwined together in a web of conflicts, relatable to so many audiences. However, the main difference here is the exceptional superhero portrayal made real by a great cast. 

Spiderman Can Fly? 
In a recently released teaser trailer, Holland's Spiderman received an upgrade to his iconic superhero costume: a new pair of wings. The costume, inspired by Steve Ditko, gives Peter Parker the ability to fly, which he will need to take on his latest supervillain foe, the Vulture. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
2014 was the last time Marvel’s Guardians hit the big screen. Though the Guardians aren’t as appreciated as The Avengers, Marvel Entertainment appears to be making Vol. 2 worth your while. Fans will enjoy mystery and humour, along with a great soundtrack, and let’s not forget the cute baby Groot!

Baby Groot Is Stealing the Show
The teaser trailer features Drax hurling himself at a massive alien, while Rocket offers Baby Groot some helpful advice: do not press the button. The trailer closes with the absolutely adorable Baby Groot almost destroying the entire team. 

According to these newly released trailers, the forecast for spring and summer of 2017 is expected to be hot and action-packed. These classic favourites will enter the New Year in new ways.