Blade Runner
by Blade Runner

Side Effects was the last film Steven Soderbergh made before he announced his retirement three years ago. Now he has finally taken the plunge back into film directing with Logan Lucky, a movie that has the potential to become a hit. 

Currently shooting in Atlanta, the all-star cast of Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky includes Sebastian Stan who is best-known for his role as the Winter Soldier in Marvel’s Captain America films. Also on the call sheet are Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, Katherine Heigl, Seth MacFarlane, Hilary Swank and Channing Tatum. This heist movie is about two brothers and focuses on NASCAR. 

Sebastian Stan in I'm Not Here.

Stan plays the part of a former three-time Sprint Cup Champion NASCAR driver. After taking a break from the sport, he is now returning (somehow paralleling Soderbergh's career). Stan’s new role is just a small part of the wave of success he has recently been experiencing which began with Captain America but which was secured by his role in Civil War’, a film that generated a gross profit of over $1.1 billion across the globe. He was then signed up for a role in We Have Always Lived in a Castle, also starring Alexandra Daddario and Taissa Farmiga

In addition to his role in Logan Lucky, Stan is also appearing in I’m Not Here with J.K. Simmons and Maika Monroe. Early next year, he will begin shooting the next Avengers installment, once again donning his Winter Soldier outfit.