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by Blade Runner

Alongside Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen has signed up to star in the action-thriller, First Kill. The film is to be directed by Stephen C. Miller.

First Kill tells the story of a police chief (Bruce Willis) trying to solve a bank robbery case that involves a young boy being taken hostage because his father has witnessed a bank thief being shot by a thug during a hunting trip. The boy’s father (Hayden Christensen) has to race against the clock to save his son. However, the police chief has suspicions that the boy’s father may actually have played a role in the bank robbery.

The Bombing” starring Bruce Willis, is an upcoming Chinese war-drama set in WWII.

When Christensen’s casting was first reported by THR, it was noted that the plot may seem a little confusing at first, but that once the film is completed it should be easier to understand. First Kill will leave viewers in suspense and asking questions throughout the film as they try to untangle the story.  

Christensen’s last role was in 90 minutes in Heaven. First Kill, when it makes it to the movie theaters, has the potential to be the blockbuster comeback that Christensen needs after the Star Wars prequels. Bruce Willis recently finished filming Once Upon a Time in Venice, and will be seen in an upcoming Chinese war-drama, The Bombing, in which Mel Gibson is involved as art director.