Daren Tan
by Daren Tan

Is homosexuality inborn or is it nurtured? 

Based on a true story, Boy Erased directs the audience to explore the silent struggles of a 18 year boy growing up, Jared Eamons, who is played by Lucas Hedges

This topic of 'homosexuality’ I feel, though seemingly more accepted in this era, is still a largely sensitive and taboo subject to many parents. 

Russell Crowe, a Pastor by occupation, convincingly delivers his role as a concerned and disapproving father, and Nicole Kidman, who plays Jared’s mother, in my opinion, has done well as a doting and unconditionally loving mother.

The film begins with Jared attending a ‘Refuge Training Camp’ which really is a Conversion Therapy to help youths expel or purge the problem the parents think their kids have. That is, being LGBT. Trying to imbue masculinity into the young boys may sound funny but to me, it’s heartbreaking. 

Born into a devout Christian family make matters worse for LGBTs. Is it a sin to be LGBT? Even as a Christian myself, I’m asking myself the same question after the film and I still do not have an answer to, frankly.

This film is truly about the conflicts between Jared’s religion, family bonds, tensions and himself trying to find his true sexual orientation growing up.

What I really like about the film is that director Joel Edgerton manages to connect me to Jared at all important points of his life in just a short 2 hour film. Family, friends, school, church and future aspirations and the present.  

On a personal note/preference, I felt the director could have done more to show more the other extreme side of a LGBT person. Watch and you will know what I’m talking about.

For a non-LGBT person like myself, this is a good film to have a fresh perspective if one wants to have change from all the mainstream, so called blockbuster films with standard plots and endings. 

With many LGBT friends in my life, this film honestly did speak to me. Now that I’m a father myself, Boy Erased asked me questions ’What will you do if your kid is LGBT?’ ‘How will it affect my relationship with my kid and my wife?’ Well, time will tell but I'm sure know I will still love my kid no matter what. 

Bottomline is, this film has made me understand my LGBT friends better.

Whether you are a neutral or biased audience to this subject, Boy Erased is one feature film that has a credible and sound storyline (since it’s based on a true story), strong cast and a good flow and rhythm to the plot. 

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Boy Erased