by Lash

If there’s one thing we love about Ralph Breaks the Internet, it’s all the pop culture reference that seemed to be in wild abundance. In the sequel to 2012 Wreck-it Ralph, Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) explore the vast expanse of the Internet and encounter a parade of pop culture references.

There are the cute cats of the internet, the Kardashian family, and the funniest has got to be the scene with all the Disney princesses. When Vanellope accidentally enters the holding room where the Princesses hang out when off duty from the popular “Which Disney Princess Are You?” game, she gets questioned if she was a princess with an onslaught of questions. 

It goes like this, “Do you have magic hair?”; “Magic hands?”; “Do animals talk to you?”; “Where you poisoned?”; “Cursed?”; “Kidnapped or enslaved?” And then the kicker… “Do people assume all your problems get solved because a big strong man showed up?” Hilarious.

Beyond these obvious pop-culture showcases, this, being a Disney Show, also has plenty of Easter Eggs hidden inside. Here are 10.

Stan Lee

The most poignant Easter Egg, although not intentional, is the appearance of Stan Lee. While he does not have any lines, he is hard to miss. And it’s nice to see the great comic maestro being immortalised on screen in this way.

Baby Moana

You’ve seen Moana appear as one of the princesses in the movie but did you know baby Moana also makes an appearance? She didn't show up until the credits started rolling. She is the baby in the back seat of the car playing the pancake game. Watch out for her getting the shock of her young life.


Of course we need to depend on the Imperial army to protect the Oh My Disney. They act as security guards, parading the compound to make sure that no unauthorised creatures venture in there, and they did find one such creature… Vanellope, of course!


When Vanellope runs away from chasing Stormtroopers, she turns into a hallway indicated with “Sector A113”. This may not be obvious to us common folks, but is more of an inside joke. A113 is a classroom at the California Institute of the Arts, a place where prominent filmmakers such as Tim Burton, Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, and Ralph Breaks the Internet co-director Rich Moore have once studied in. A113 also appeared in many Pixar animations such as Toy Story, The Incredibles and Coco.

Aladdin’s Lamp

The lamp that contained the blue genie (aka Robin Williams) from Aladdin makes an appearance in the scene where Ralph and Vanellope are at eBay hunting for the replacement steering wheel for Vanellope’s game- Sugar Rush.


After Vanellope and Ralph enter Oh My Disney, they are transported into a land of all things, Disney. When Vanellope expresses her disgust about the Disney Princesses, Eeyore is forlornly by her side, opposing to her adverse reaction to the princesses.

Iron Man

If you’re paying attention, you would have noticed Iron Man hanging out at Oh My Disney, just pottering about, and possibly waiting for his next mission with the Avengers.


The lovable tree creature appears in the same Q&A session which the princesses appear. What were his answers to all the questions? “I am Groot!”


The protocol droid is a minder for the Disney Princesses, making sure that they are on time for their appearance at their “Which Disney Princess Am I? online quiz.

Post Credit Scene

If you have not seen Ralph Breaks the internet yet, you have to stay until the very end to catch the 2nd post credit scene. It’s one which trolls the audience with possibly the best internet reference in the past few years- the popular trend of fake links leading to the YouTube video of Astley's 1980s hit. This time, it was Ralph performing the song. Congratulations, you’re Rick-rolled!