Timetraveller Wife
by Timetraveller Wife

Ben Affleck listed The Accountant as one of his top five favourite performances. Affleck acknowledged that the role was definitely the most complex role he has ever played. So, more than any other reason, that probably makes it worth watching. 

For the record, the other four personal favourites include Batman in the DCEU, Holden McNeil in Chasing Amy, Tiny Mendes in Argo, and Chucky in Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck plays Christian Wolff, who has more of an affinity for numbers than people: he is autistic. He works as a freelance accountant for some of the world's most dangerous criminal organisations. When Wolff takes on a legitimate client and starts uncooking the books, the body count starts rising. 

To prepare for the role, Affleck did a lot of research. He spent a lot of time with people with various disorders on the autism spectrum and observed their behaviour. From there, he anchored and delivered his performance based on them and their character traits. 

Through flashback sequences, it becomes apparent that the way Wolff is raised by his father mirrors the way Bruce Wayne, Batman, is trained to become Batman. And, Batman is a role that Affleck played too. When Wolff was compared to Bruce Wayne, Affleck gave a comical answer - they shared the same chin. He insisted that each film has a unique character that is irreplaceable in that film. What drew him to the project was how the intention to protect children ends up harming them more; Wolff’s father ends up abusing him because of his love for him. This especially resonated with him, and touched him, as he is the father of three children himself. 

Affleck’s co-star, Anna Kendrick, plays Dana, who is marked for death in the film. In one of the scenes, Dana wants a Vera Wang gown so much that she learns how to play blackjack cards and to count cards in a hotel room. Coincidentally, in real life, Affleck is known to be such a good blackjack card player that he is banned from several casinos. He is barred, not because he cheats, but because of his deadly card counting ability. Though card counting is legit, the casinos just can’t handle it. Tells you pretty much everything about casinos, doesn't it? 

Kendrick and Affleck quickly struck up a friendship not long after being on the set. Kendrick openly teased Affleck about his inability to sing, and Affleck gamely suggested that the two of them switched their upcoming roles - Kendrick to do Batman and Affleck Pitch Perfect 3. The two have made plans to work together again. 

When asked who would win if The Accountant had to fight Batman, Affleck said he’s only interested in beating Jason Bourne. Watch out, Matt Damon!