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US Box Office Roundup

1. Blade Runner 2049
Clearly, the question on everyone’s mind for the first half of October in the US has been “Is Deckard a human or a replicant?” Released on 6 October, Blade Runner 2049 dominated the Box Office with over USD45.5 million in takings, eclipsing It, which ruled the Box Office charts for the better half of September. A sequel to the 1982 movie Blade Runner, the movie really has three camps of audience- those who were bowled over by the original movie that was ahead of its time, millennials who swoon over Ryan Gosling and those middle age and beyond who used to swoon over Harrison Ford. It’s really a win-win situation for Blade Runner 2049. Never mind if, at the end of it all, you still may be wondering “so is Deckard human or a replicant?”

2. It
Finally, the king of September has now been pushed down to second place, with decent box office takings of around USD35million in October so far. Into its 5th week of release, Stephen King’s novel turned movie It was expected to be a hit, but its phenomenal success was unforeseen. Clearly, killer clowns are very much in every other American’s minds. Will we see a resurgence of creepy clown sightings from 2016 all over again? We hope not.

3. American Made
Evidently, everyone loves Tom Cruise. He’s charismatic, sexy and has a smile that melts hearts. He’s also able to make an unlikeable character pleasant in a way only Tom Cruise can. American Made lands in third place at the US Box Office Charts with almost USD34.7 million in the first half of October. Playing real-life aircraft pilot turned CIA spy and big-time drug smuggler, Cruise injects an effortless charm into Barry Seals, a welcome departure to his often-associated spy/ action hero roles as Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible) and Jack Reacher. Seeing him as Seals almost reminds us of his potty-mouth, rotund agent role in Tropic Thunder, an imperfect, realistic everyday man with flaws.

Singapore Box Office Roundup

1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
It’s a different story at the Singapore Box Office. Eggsy and company in Kingsman: The Golden Circle crushed all competition at the local Box Office, with a strong showing of over USD700k on its opening weekend during the turn of the month. The spy thriller proves to be a worthy sequel to its predecessor in 2014, with a sharper, more dapper Eggsy taking over the codename of Galahad. With more outrageous stunts (a taxi that can drive underwater), bigger cast (catch Sir Elton John in his campiest performance yet) and the return of Colin Firth (who knew the gentlemanly, aging Firth could be so kickass?), the movie shows that the local audience appreciates very stylish violence. Except that after watching, you may wish to lay off eating burgers for a while. You’ll also find yourself humming to John Denver’s classic Country Road.

2. Blade Runner 2049
Coming strong in second place is Blade Runner 2049 (USD479k), which is highly likely to top the charts in the following week. At two hours and 45 minutes long, the movie divides its local audiences into halves. The first consists of the Blade Runner die-hards who wouldn’t stop raving at the brilliance of the movie. The suspense, the cinematography, and the music are beautifully blended together to form a masterpiece, they say. Then there is the other half, who finds it a tad draggy, Gosling too deadpan and the loud music distracting. With both halves taking to social media to air their views, it only fuels more interest in the movie. The most common question asked on Facebook amongst friends these days has been, “is Blade Runner 2049 worth watching?”

3. Cars 3
Inching into third place is everyone’s favourite racing car, Lightning McQueen. Cars 3 (USD14k), released at the end of August, is finally showing signs of slowing down. It dominated the local Box Office charts in September, which is hardly surprising since movie outings are a popular family activity. Plus, there’s always a moral to learn from Disney’s tales, great to educate the little ones.

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